"Its great to find a site where i can ask questions openly and receive such warm support."

K. Fitzgerald
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Welcome to Ask an Addict

AskanAddict.com is intended to provide addiction support and advice in a non-judgmental way so that the addict or anyone else that's been affected by an addict, will know there are many who understand and eliminate the feeling of being alone.

Ask an Addict knows it may be hard to talk with family and friends, as many times they just don’t understand. Many have fractured those important relationships in life during active addiction. When it comes to seeking information, likeness, and establishing a strong recovery program, who better to ask than someone who has been there? 

At Ask an Addict we listen and learn, together. Whether you're an addict, a recovering addict or have been affected by an addict, we all have that common denominator of addiction.

If I had to use one word to describe our members, it would be the word compassion. (sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it)

A great online source for support and quality information relating to addiction and treatment, we recommend for our audiences! --- The US Rehab Network

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Is Methadone An Excuse To Get High?
I apologize for my cynicism but I have truly been through hell with this man. I am at my wits end but am hoping and praying still so there is at least a flicker of light left. My bf is an alcoholic, smokes crack,does basically anything anyone lies down before him. He overdosed and died on Fentanyl and was resuscitated. Was put in a program for the billionth time. Now is on Methadone. So my question is basically, does Methadone really HELP them or does it hurt them? Because I have heard so many bad things about it and how addictive it is. But if it works for him and he can function better than he was and he stays off of the alcohol and other drugs then it will be amazing. But I have heard so many people doing drugs and alcohol while doing methadone too and that completely defeats the purpose. Thank you for your time, and again, sorry if I sound offensive. I am not trying to but this man drives me up tbe wall sometimes lol. Sometimes I think the only solution may be to chain him in the basement with no phone or any type of computer or communication device and leave him there until he doesn't crave it anymore.But he would find a way to message people. He would catch the house pn fire and send smoke signals to those connections or SOMETHING lol.

Posted: 01/07/2018 5:20 AM

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Hear me out

I am an addict looking for words of wisdom and courage to get clean. I need to get my head back in the game and quit relapsing. I don't feel great at all, the fact I haven't ate in about four days barely crosses my mind, the only thing that seems to cross my mind is my next hit. I've been managing life as what I call a stable addict, because I work and go to school. And we all know, well at least I know an addict can never be a stable addict for long. I'm still so young, I am 16 and I am just trying to reach out for support. What are some reasons or life changing events that have helped you stay clean? 

Posted: 06/05/2017 4:53 AM

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