"Its great to find a site where i can ask questions openly and receive such warm support."

K. Fitzgerald
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Welcome to Ask an Addict

AskanAddict.com is intended to provide addiction support and advice in a non-judgmental way so that the addict or anyone else that's been affected by an addict will know there are many who understand and eliminate the feeling of being alone. Ask an Addict knows it may be hard to talk with family and friends as many times they just don’t understand. Many have fractured those important relationships in life during active addiction. When it comes to seeking information, likeness, and establishing a strong recovery program who better to ask then someone who has been there! At Ask an Addict we listen and learn, together. Whether your an addict, a recovering addict or have been affected by an addict, we all have that common denominator of addiction.

If I had to use one word to describe our members, it would be the word compassion. (sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it)

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14 days of nalaxone UPDATE and welcome suggestions
14 DAYS WITH MY KITS AND ALREADY A LITTLE OVER 40 OUT!!Going to court outpatient rehab as this facility wants kits tomorrow for those patients in outpatient treatment. Going to health dept, and social services. meeting with police and sheriff in the upcoming month or so. Also going to see of ER would be willing to hand out any if a person comes in due to overdose. Long term I would like jails and prisons to hand out upon release as a person incarcerated is 120 times more likely to OD and possibly die after release. Any suggestions where else I can go is welcomed. Thought about buying an ice cream truck putting spinners on it, play some rap music and go around the hood and hand them out but I opted out of that idea :) LOL! AD is a little mad I am doing it. (Oh well) She said how dare I do this when she wants to be clean and I just want to keep having junkies around, But have a lot of support from recovering addicts and active ones too. Any ideas, suggestions from anyone please please post...this is so new to our area (and me) I would LOVE a different perspective!

Posted: 08/24/2014 9:09 PM

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im free

Hello  my friends

Im free just got out yesterday , and homeless ,attempting to locate a shelter , slept at a hotel, but my feet are ripped and bleeding from all the walking i had to do with my prison boots . Its to much to tell , im at the libary at this time . will wrte to u guys later , got holder and fat all that good prison food .

God Bless u all


Posted: 08/26/2014 8:44 AM

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