"Its great to find a site where i can ask questions openly and receive such warm support."

K. Fitzgerald
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Welcome to Ask an Addict

AskanAddict.com is intended to provide addiction support and advice in a non-judgmental way so that the addict or anyone else that's been affected by an addict will know there are many who understand and eliminate the feeling of being alone. Ask an Addict knows it may be hard to talk with family and friends as many times they just don’t understand. Many have fractured those important relationships in life during active addiction. When it comes to seeking information, likeness, and establishing a strong recovery program who better to ask then someone who has been there! At Ask an Addict we listen and learn, together. Whether your an addict, a recovering addict or have been affected by an addict, we all have that common denominator of addiction.

If I had to use one word to describe our members, it would be the word compassion. (sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it)

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Happy Easter

 Happy Easter to all my Friends here on ask an addict.


Dog the addict

Posted: 03/31/2015 4:24 PM

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The Script, the Scapegoating, the Obvious
Sometimes a penny drops. I just realized why my addict son's script, rage, and blaming is so important to him, even though irrational to me and everyone I've ever talked to about it. He is SCAPEGOATING other people in his family as a way of justifying his inability to control his own life, emotions and drug use and as well as the stumbling he does in so many areas. It's part of his denial. He needs to blame others because it's so much more comfortable than looking at his own life. How obvious is that? Why wasn't it obvious to me about 15 years ago.

Posted: 03/30/2015 9:52 AM

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