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I am currently in treatment for hep "C" and have 8 more weeks to go,  I have had this disease for a couple of decades  I made the mistake of getting into drugs when I was in my teens and ultimately quit.  I am not an innocent however in my using days I never lied to the partner that i was with and I am currently living with my boyfriend ( that I have know through work for 20 + years)  I thought he was on the up and up and I just found out 2 day's ago that he has been using Meth!  I saw some of the signs and found this site and "asked an addict" about some of his behavior I did confront him after reading some of the responses and he told me that it was MY TREATMENT that was making me crazy!  I really fell for that line and thought in fact that i was losing it!  However with one of the responses I did go thru his things ( which I had never done before) and unfortunatley I did find some court documents that said in black and white that he was busted for Meth use and theft,  I am devasted!  I don't know what I will do but this site is much needed support right now!  THANKS!!!!!!!!

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