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Hear me out

I am an addict looking for words of wisdom and courage to get clean. I need to get my head back in the game and quit relapsing. I don't feel great at all, the fact I haven't ate in about four days barely crosses my mind, the only thing that seems to cross my mind is my next hit. I've been managing life as what I call a stable addict, because I work and go to school. And we all know, well at least I know an addict can never be a stable addict for long. I'm still so young, I am 16 and I am just trying to reach out for support. What are some reasons or life changing events that have helped you stay clean? 

Posted: 06/05/2017 4:53 AM

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In my experience, words of widom are wasted on other people. There will come a time when you get so disgusted with the hold your habit has on you that you will make the first move. Try not to OD until that time. For me, my first step was also my last step as a junkie.  I told everyonein the house that I was going cold turkey and would need their support.  Like take care of my daughter. Like keep me locked in my room.  Like check on me evey few hours. Like not listen to me when I pleaded, screamed or bargained with them.

I was clean after three days ( not in the physical sense)  Stayed in the house for another week, started to eat again and went from there.  That was 54 years ago. I learned a lot about myself . These day, people grab for suboxone.  If  it helps, go for it.  Just know that you are still addicted, this time to suboxone, and still will have to detox.

Easy does not work for me.  I needed to have skin in the game, or puke, shit and nightmares.  I will never go bak to cold turkey again.  If I ever touch heroin again, it will be the last thing i do.



Posted: 07/01/2017 4:58 PM

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Your a straight up boss, from my understanding you were able to go cold turkey and stay clean in a house full of junkies. And if I read wrong your still a boss for staying clean and going cold turkey. I don't know the feeling because my drug of choice is meth and withdrawals are easy for me. But I know it's no fun, it killed me to watch my mom shivering even wrapped up in multiple blankets, moaning in pain. I wanted to stick some foil and black in her face and make her better because i hated when she got dope sick. I mean come on it's my mom I never want to see her in pain. But thanks for writing back I love feed back from other addicts. I'm surrounded by them so when I come here I can talk to all the survivors and hopefully I can soon live life again sober. I know what I got to do and I'm working on it. I'm young and I need to fix things while it's still early. Pray for me please and if you don't pray wish me luck.

Posted: 07/10/2017 10:16 AM

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you are always in my heart.

Posted: 07/14/2017 7:11 PM

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