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how to pass ua for meth

i have to see my po in 4or 5 days how can i flush my system out in time. i dont use all the time just like 3 or 4 times per month.

Posted: 06/03/2010 9:16 PM

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Hey Newbie, tough one. Most any health food store has detox teas that will help, but if you drink too much they will make your ua show up diluted. I would suggest not using the tea for at least 24 hours before you go in. Outside of that, water is your best friend. Drink all the water you can in between rounds of the detox tea. Of course the absolute best way to avoid testing positive is not to use. You probably know that already. Detox tea,  water by the gallon, and hope for the best. Hope this helps.

Posted: 06/03/2010 9:55 PM

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