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There are 6 different donation badges. They are as follows:

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There are 3 ways to donate

Option 1 - Recurring: This option allows you to create a monthly recurring donation. Enter the amount you'd like to automatically donate each month. You can cancel at any time. This donation is the most beneficial to the site. It allows us to better the budget each month.

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Donations are used in the following ways:

Finding those who are trying to find us: There are thousands of addicts and people affected by addicts who search online daily looking for support. Who want to get help, need advice and just need to know they're not alone. Your donations help us reach out to them by advertising and marketing online with such places like search engines, Facebook, news and information sites. This allows these people looking for help to find us.

  • Design work: The site is constantly changing. Changes have to be implemented in the layout of the site.
  • Programming cost: Upgrades and new features all have to be programmed with code to make sure they run smoothly. It takes people very good at what they do to make this happen.
  • New features cost: New features that have been put on such as member chat, instant messaging, thanks and future features in the works.
  • Upgrade cost: Many times the site has areas that need to be upgraded to run smoother or fix bugs. These all take time and can have considerable cost.
  • Server cost: These cost continue to grow as we upgrade our servers due to growth of the site.

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