Helpful Hints

There are many features on this site that many new members don't know about so I figured a page to show what everything does will make navigating the site much easier. I will list all categories and what they do as well how to edit your profile.

Black Menu Bar - The black bar at the very top of the screen is used to sign in, view your account, see your buddies online and to see which "Chatters" are online. Chatters are members that chose the available for chat option when they signed in. This allows other members to know who is willing to go into member chat to communicate.

Home Button - This simply takes you back to the home page

My Account Button - On this page, the first thing you will see is your "Chat Status" option. Choose from the drop down menu if you would like to be available for member chat. This allows others to see that you are one of the "Chatters Online" which is listed in the black bar at the very top of the site. In your account page you will see how many times your profile has been viewed by others. It will also show you what's new since the last time you logged in. It will show you any questions/answers that have been posted, any confessions written, news articles or creative corner writings. These will all be displayed with a link you can click on to see the list of everything new. Once you view the questions and go back to "My Account", the ones you viewed are removed. You can always choose the "Clear" button to clear all posts, so it will start over again when you log out. If you hit clear, it marks all the new items as read and they will not show again until a new post is written under any of those questions. So if you see a same question come back up under what's new, it's because someone has written another answer that you have not yet viewed.

 This section is also where you will find many of your features and options about your account and profile. After logging into your account and you hit the MY ACCOUNT button, scroll down and on the left you will see a new set of links under a heading called MY PROFILE. You will see the following options under that list.

  • My Account - This simply takes you back to your account when your viewing parts of your profile.
  • View My Profile - This allows you to view your profile the same way everyone else would see it.
  • Edit My Profile - This is where you go to edit all areas of your profile. The more you fill out the better. You will find the following options after you click EDIT MY PROFILE.
  1. Edit Display Name - change your member name
  2. Edit Profile - Change your contact information, profile information and security settings
  3. Edit Photo / Avatar - Change your picture that others see when you make a post. Choose one of our Avatars (pictures) or choose one from your computer to upload.
  4. Map Me - Enter just your zip code to allow others see where you are in the world. This will also be used with later updates to show members support groups, meetings, rehabs etc. in their area.
  5. Edit Photo Albums - This allows members to create their own photo albums to upload their pictures to share with other members of the site. Once you click on this button you will be asked to fill in the following: Album Name - what you want to call the album you are creating. Album Intro - this is a short sentence of what's in the album. Example: Let's say your album name was FAMILY. You could have the intro say something like: "Wanted to show you guys why I'm getting sober" or something like that. Album Description - this section is not used and you can leave blank. Priority - let's you list your albums according to priority. If you want a certain album at the top, you would use priority 1. If you wanted one at the bottom then use a number lower than the top albums. 100 Wide Thumb - this is also optional. You can upload a picture from your computer to use for the front picture of the album. This will resize the picture to a square. If the picture you upload is too large, it may not show up. If this happens, resize the picture so that it's smaller. If you don't know how to do this, email the picture to and I will resize it for you and email it back. Once you have filled out all the required information, simply click the 'Save' button and your album is created. You will then be taken to a page that will show your album titles. Click the title of which one of your albums you want to add your pictures in. You will then see options to add photo or add multiple photos. When you choose add photo, it will take you to a screen where you can name the photo, give it an intro description, give it a priority number so it will show up in your photo album either at the top or bottom of the albums photos. The last option you will see says photo with an empty box and a button to the right of the box that says Browse. Click the Browse button and upload the picture and then hit save. You will have then just added a picture to that album. If you decide to use the Multiple Photos option then you simply click the Browse button and double click  the picture you want to use from your computer and it will add it in the box. Do this process over and over and it will add each file in the box. When your done, hit send files and it will upload to your album. When you use the multiple photos option, you cannot name your pictures until after they are all uploaded. If you have any problems and need help just let me know by sending me a message at and I will be glad to assist.
  • New Password/Change Password -  You will be given a verification code to confirm your email as well as use it to sign in the first time. You need to go here to create your new password.
  • Delete account - this gives a member the option to delete their account. Once this is used, you will have to re-sign up if you wish to become a member again. It will delete ALL your information.
  • Addict Mail / Inbox -  This is where you go to see all messages that other members have sent you. You can choose to keep them or delete them. Whenever you get a message, you will also be alerted at the top of your screen in the right hand corner by a flashing alert icon.
  • Compose Message - Where you go to send a private message to other members.
  • Outbox - To view all messages that you have sent. When you send a message you can tell when a member has read the message because it will no longer be in bold text.
  • My Comments / Pending Approval -  Whenever a member comments on your profile you must first approve it before it will show live on the bottom part of your profile. You can also use the View Approved Comments to see all the comments that you have approved in the past. You can choose to delete comments in this section as well.
  • My Friends / Requests - This is where you can see who has sent you a friend request. You simply accept or deny the request.
  • Sent Friends Requests - shows you a list of all the members you've sent a friend request to.
  • View My Friends - show you a list off all members who are currently on your friends list.

Ask An Addict Button - This is where you go to see all the questions asked. You can search questions with the different search options or you can choose to simply view all questions. Once you see a question that interest you, simply click on it to read the full question and to view all answers or to leave an answer yourself.

In The News Button - This is where you can find the latest articles about addictions in the news. Whether it's news on drunk driving, research or statistics.

Confession Button - This is the place to get it all out! Tell us what's on your mind. What's the worst thing you've done for your addiction? What's the worst thing that's happened to you because of your addiction? How have you been affected because of someone else's addiction? How has your life as an addict affected the ones you love? Reading and writing these confessions help us realize the impact that the addictions have over all of us. When posting your confession, you can choose to remain anonymous or let others see your profile name as to bring about discussions.

Creative Corner - Let your mind run wild. This is for all of you to be able to write and let others see your thoughts, your concerns, your insecurities, your hopes or your dreams. Write a poem, a letter to your addiction or to the loved ones you've hurt. Write that letter to the addict in your life. It's up to you! Soon you will also have the ability to upload your artwork and songs that you've created. You can choose to remain anonymous.

Members Button - This is where you go to search for a member, to see who's online now and other search options. Members currently online will have a red ONLINE NOW under their avatar picture.

Member Chat Button - This section allows members to all go in one room where you can see who's in the room with you. You simply type in your questions or comments and hit the Enter button and it instantly shows for everyone to see who's in the room. This is great for people wanting to get instant support or answers to their questions right away. Everyone is welcome at all times. You do not have to chat. You can simply come in and just observe. If someone ask you a question, just tell them you would like to just watch and not take part at the moment. Chat is always open and you can join at anytime. If no-one is in the rooms then you can message someone to meet you there. There are certain times where we try to have someone in chat every night in case members want to chat. This time is 8:00 pm Eastern time or 5:00 pm Pacific time every night of the week. There are currently two rooms. General Chat is for everyone. Big Ron's Chat Room is for members that don't feel comfortable talking with multiple people at one time and would prefer to talk one on one. Big Ron has been one of the most active members for chat and that's why the room name. If you would like your own chat room with your name that you will use on a regular basis, send me a message and I will create one for you. Send your request to me at AskAnAddict. We would like to get as many people as possible using chat because it allows us to help so many people so quickly.

The 12 Steps Button - The 12 steps of AA, the 12 Traditions of AA as well as The AA Promises.

Type Of Drug Addictions Button - Where you can go to see a list of the most commonly used drugs. It gives a brief description, it's effects and statistics and trends.

Useful Links Button - Where you can see links to other sites of interest such as D.A.R.E., Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

About Us Button - This tells you about the site and what it's intended to be used for.

Contact Us Button - Where you can send a message to the administrator with comments, ideas, concerns or questions.

Donations Button - Donations will be used to pay server fees, future upgrades and advertising to get the word out to help as many addicts and people affected by addicts that we can!

Advertise Button - For companies that would like to advertise on, they may contact us with this button.

Other Options and Features not listed above - When you see under a members avatar picture the words ONLINE NOW in red writing, that member is currently viewing the site. For those members, you will see a little person icon right beside the red ONLINE NOW. You can click on that to start an instant message chat with that member.

When you click on a member's name or avatar, it will take you to that member's profile where you can get more information about them. You can see where they live if they used the map feature, you can read what they wrote about themselves, you can see their addictions or how they've been affected by addicts and you can see their friends list. You also have the option to leave a comments in that person's profile. When your looking at a member's profile, underneath the avatar you will see a Member Info section. Here you can view that person's photo albums, message that member, add that member as a friend, leave a comment or thank that member.

Thanks/Thanked - You will see the option to thank a member for a post, comment or any writings they leave. You can only thank a member once for each post. You will also see under the members avatar how many times they have been thanked. Members cannot thank themselves.

This information should answer many questions and I hope you find it useful. If you have any questions on how to use certain features of the site please send a message to AskAnAddict.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this web site is not intended to be medical advice or addiction counseling; rather, it is provided solely as information of a general nature relating to addictions and people affected by addictions. Please note that your access to, and use of, is subject to additional terms and conditions. Click here for terms and conditions for the use of this web site.
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