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8/7/11 - Amazing comfort - I was at a very low point - got on the internet and started searching for answers on how to deal with an alcoholic. It had been a week since I had a counseling appointment and needed firm answers. Thank heaven I found this site with real, compassionate pros who have already calmed me and removed a lot of the panic I had. Am going to work hard at healing but I will need everyone here to support me through my journey - am thinking it will not come easily! Coreen

8/7/11 - I have been a member here sice May 2010...During this time I have lost a brother to addiction, helped my son in some dark moments of addiction, taken a vacation to New England, (My hometown), with great joy had another beautiful grandchild, left my son whom I care deeply about so that he could be strong and work on recovery, (He is doing well today.), amongst many good and not so good changes...

Through all of this, this site has been miraculous! I have met some of the most caring folks on the face of this planet...The owner of this site is a man that is so caring about people..He designed this site because of addiction in his own family..He truly understands the addict and the families of addicts who struggle.

During my toughest, stressful times here, my friends have reached out in a way that is so powerful, I felt their concern and caring via internet...There are not any fake people here! Here you will find respect ...OK, with all that said, I live and breathe Ask an Addict because I am also a recovering alcoholic, and I have many loved ones in recovery, and not in recovery...I am very grateful for this site...It has saved my life and got me through some very tough times...Missymae2

4/22/11 - What is so great besides the people on this site is the ability to write a question and when I re-read the sentences I answer my own questions.  The anwer to my original question;  PATIENCE my dear, I must have patience and faith.  Thanks ask an addict!!!! GoinGreyFast

4/22/11 - I just came upon this site last night andI slept so much better knowing people exist out there that I can talk too. My husband and I have been going through this alone and its killing me. I have gotten to the point where I stay up all night waiting for the phone call that he has been arrested or worse. Even worse I work at the police station. So waiting for coworkers to call about your son is so miserable , embarrassing and very hard to deal with. Momxoxo

2/7/11 - I had been searching for some kind of support site/group..something to help when my daughter was arrested in Sept.2010 for a meth charge. After a search on Google I came across this site..YAY!! everything I was looking for and needed. Someone to talk to, ask questions, get advice and maybe give my opinion sometimes. I needed to get these feelings out and this site has helped so much. It has provided me with so much information when I needed it. Best of all it has provided me with an "I hear you and I understand " when I needed it. Thank you Ask an Addict..TThorn

11/30/10 - Before I found the family I have here, I was speechless, but left with every word to say on the inside I drowned in my own river; the dam overpowering the rip tide on the inside.  I was left with something lifeless, but not because there was no life to be found, but because I had not yet found a way to direct it into a channel that would sustain it.  Each brick that I laid down was just another barrier that barred my path, and each word that I never said became a brick.  I was able to find a home within myself here, and not because it was just convenient to have found this site, but because it felt good to open up to the people here.  No matter what anybody says about the path I have laid out, I cannot deny that because I found this site and I actually talked about my issues, this site provided me with another stone to step on instead of falling into the water and being left to drown.  Thank you AskAnAddict, for being here.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you for everything that you did without even knowing, even if you will never know, thank you. isolated_dreamz Chad West  (Former Meth Addict)

11/11/10 - After half a Lifetime of Silence, I can Speak Free - I was very near the edge, ready to jump back into the life,after so many years of sobriety. I found this site by chance,  Now I have a forum where i can speak freely, receive straight forward advice, share some experiences and be accepted. I read the Confessions posted here and marvel at how similar we all are in our need to be heard, to be accepted, to be respected. Thank you, people. Habiba

10/22/10 - Site Is A God Send - I came across "Ask An Addict" while researching addiction. Have several relatives and friends who are either active in their addictions or in recovery.  I have not been addicted to drugs or alcohol so this is eyeopener for me. Until I became educated about addiction I have always thought of all addicts or alcoholics as being  "stupid losers who are too ignorant to realize everyone has problems" and "using is the easy way out and doesn't solve anything". Now I know addiction is a disease not a moral shortcoming. My empathy and compassion has grown with the information known about addiction. SB5720

10/14/10 - I am very happy that i stumbled on this site as I was really struggling and everyone was so supportive it really helped me through the down days, which were many. Its been over 2 months now off the pain pills and about a month off the diazepam. I am grateful for Matt and Olivia and Big Ron for always being there for me along with other members who i got a lot of courage from just by them sharing their stories. My life is finally starting to come together,  Im not working yet but in good time i will be again, its so important to give yourself time to heal before going back in the world before u are ready. I have been going to weekly counseling and have been dealing with a lot in my family life. I joined a step group and in my 12 years off alcohol have never completed the steps, so i figure after 12 years its time to do the 12 steps , somehow i have stayed sober from alcohol and some other bad drugs that the alcohol lead me to. I still cant believe its been this long. This site is here for us all and we need to utilize it more, we gotta keep coming back and helping others and reaching out ourselves. Thanks so much and talk to ya soon. Venus

10/12/10 - My name is Jen and I am a recovering alcoholic, full-blown meth addict, bipolar and have OCD.   I have a lot on my plate, don't you all think?  I am dealing with these diagnosis every day of my life.  Sometimes  I deal with them better than other  days but at least I am trying.  I have not given up yet-by the grace of God, Mother Nature,  or whoever.  A little bit about my background..... Alcoholic in my 20's- a binge drinker.  I am a binge everything though-any kind of drug will end up being binged by me.  I can't help it.  It is just the way I am.  After the drinking ended, the plls started, then the ecstacy, cocaine and now I am completely hooked on the devil's drug known as crystal meth.  I can't really focus or even think about trying to get sober from the meth because it has such a hold on me and I will say to you all that I truly am NOT ready yet.  One thing I learned in rehab is that you have to stop the drug for no one else but you and I am just not there yet.  I recently (last week) went on a 6 day binge which I have never done and I hope I never will do again.  This binge was non-stop, no down time, no sleep, no food, just mind-blowing thoughts that would not slow down.  Most likely, because of this binge, after the third day of smoking, I went into a full-blown manic episode and I would not wish this on my worst enemy.  People tried to get me to go to the psychiatric unit or at least the ER but I refused because I knew the Dr's would piss me.  I ended up at my therapist who after taking one look at me stated that I was in full-blown mania.  I ended up going home and once I walked in the door, I calmed  down some and by the next day, I felt a lot better.  I am still not back to normal but I am on the road to recovery.  I now know that I have to take my Abilify every single day and take notice of pre-mania behavior.  Now to the story that saved my soul!  As I was binging, I got on line and spoke with several people that could understand and definately relate to what I was going through.  I even talked to some other people that were dual-diagnosed-Bipolar and drug addict.  To the ones that corresponded with me, "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart.  You all were more help than I could ever explain.  I am glad that I have met new friends on this site and I plan to continue using it.  It is for my benefit.  Thank you to whoever made up this site-  Addicts need this!  I hope the ones that corresponded with me and told me their own personal story and gave me advice are reading this!  Thank you for saving my soul!  Jen2010

10/11/10 - What this site has done for me. My son is a heroin addict.  Right now he is doing well.  God willing he will continue to do so.  At one of the worse points in my life.......when I felt I had nowhere to turn......I happen to do a search for "asking addicts why they do what they do"  I came across this site and it has been the  best  thing to happen to me.  I felt welcome immediately from Big Ron, Matt and Olivia.  Everyone listened to me and, although there are so many people going through the same pain, they made me feel like for that moment it was "about me."  That is something that I appreciated more than I can ever put into words.  They let me go on and on about my son until I think I was able to get out every feeling that has been bottled up inside of me for years. I've seen how much this site has grown since then and I'm not surprised.  There is no one on this site that is judgmental or not willing to listen.  I truly believe that even though I've never met anyone on this site in person, I have made friends that will last my lifetime.  Thank you. Sadmom

9/12/10 - I stumbled on this site one evening in my search for answers about crack.  A friend of mine asked me to be his "support" person and I had no idea how to do it.  I tried reading all articles on the internet about crack, and I learned some things, but I had more questions... The kind of questions only an addict could answer.  So one night on Chat,I took the plunge and asked an addict "very personal" questions about addiction.  Oh my gosh, he told me everything. I left that night feeling empowered.....My life had been touched by alcoholic relationships that I had put far behind me  But in my search for crack info, I read the posts of people looking for answers about the effects alcohol can have on reationships.  I decided to share my experiences and just maybe someone might be able to use that info and turn things around. So here I am still learning, sharing, and praying.  This site is awesome... Even though everyone has different viewpoints, everyone is still so respectful.  The goal seems to be unified in that everyone really "wants to help"! Thanks for this site and thanks for all your support of me in my quest to help my friend!!  Maggie

9/8/10 - I am very happy to have found this site. My son is 19 yrs. old and a heroin addict.  I chatted with BigRon recently during a chat session and he was very helpful.  I will recommend this site to other parents dealing with their childrens addictions and to the addicts. Thank you so much for taking the time to help others in need!!!! - hopefullinda

9/8/10 - Hi there, everyone, I would like to say thanks to Ask An Addict for having this site, it has helped me tremendously and today is one month since giving up the pain pills and to be honest I have less pain now than I did when taking the pills, as the pills create pain so you take more pills it was a vicious circle for me for over two years, and Im so frikken happy I got off them, now its time to heal and trust and believe in myself again. I joined a step study group starting Thursday for a couple months and Im hoping thats gonna help too. For all you suffering out there Im glad u found us and keep coming back its a great site and has helped many ppl , Me included ....Venus

9/4/10 - Hello all, I was able to get the courage together to get sober with the help from the people on this awesome site. I found no judgement, no attitudes, just full understanding support. Still sober and working my program one day at a time. Thank you AskAnAddict. - Medic

8/26/10 -  This site has been an eye opener for me. Reading a lot of the questions that were from parents worried about their kids help me see what I must be putting my own mom through. Answering other’s questions the best I can makes me feel like I can be a worthwhile person and maybe give something back and help someone when I’ve hurt my own loved ones so much. Thank you so much Askanaddict. -  Sam

7/30/10 - I just wanted to thank you personally for creating a website like this. It has made me see a bit of myself in everybody that wrote. This has really had a huge influence on myself making that first step to get and stay clean. - silent.struggle

7/28/10 - Mother with two daughters - I have been on this site very shortly and I'm glad that I'm here. I have seen a 180 in my life just in this past week. I felt like I was dumping my frustration all over my whole family. So I could see that I needed to go somewhere for my own help. I love my mom and sister, but I watch my sister use, take from my mom, loose her kid and my own kids go without their nana. So I came here and have seen the result in action. My sister has used meth and is 6yrs older than me. I have been here for her and my mom, I try and help her with whatever she needs, like file SSI etc. So now I think that she has mental problems too. I asked her to get help just this morning and she told me to get help. I just keep praying and hoping that she will get help and get tired of the life. I have an 18yr old son, that all he knows of his auntie is that she's a tweeker. So it is sad and this site has started me to help me before I can help anyone else, so get on board and get it all out. It is just a relief on your heart. May God bless you all. Gena - KaraokeQueen916

7/25/10 - A Heartfelt Thanks! I had an alcoholic father (who found sobriety via Hazelden and then enjoyed the last 25 years of his life sober until his passing 13 years ago), my husband is currently in treatment for prescription pain pill (oxycontin) and most recently meth addiction, and my 20 year old son has been hospitalized and in treatment several times for alcohol and drug abuse and cutting and depression  issues.  So,  I've been raised by, married, and parented those with addiction issues, and have had issues of my own with gambling and anger behavior.  I am a 51 year old, upper middle class, suburban mom of 4 and our family is "normal" as far as anyone in our community would know........I've got to believe there are millions out there much like us to one degree or another.  Finding this site, where both the addicts and those affected by addiction can share and enlighten each other has been a God-send in every sense of the word.  I attend Al-Anon on a weekly basis, but this site has become my daily "go to" place to find the serenity I seek on a daily basis, and I am forever grateful for the wonderful individuals I've met here, their unending and non-judgmental support and accessibility, and their common sense guidance toward finding peace in the midst of heartbreak and the chaos that addiction has created in my life and in my family's life.  The people that have offered testimonials here are real, many have become my  "touchstones",  and while each has a unique personal story, the commonality is that of addiction and the desire to survive it.  My sincere thanks to the individual that started the site, and to the others that give so much of themselves here to help others. -  Valerie


 7/4/10 - This site is wonderful! it has helped me come to terms with my addiction.I love being able to have people you can talk to or ask a true addict a question.it makes me feel so much better knowing that there is people on this site that knows what I'm going through.I really appericate this site!! - bornagain

7/3/10 - I was surfing the net trying to understand all my aches and pains, both physical and mental going through heavy withdrawal when I stumbled upon this sight.  It helped me tremendously during my worst times as people responded to my confessions, telling me to stay strong.  Still having issues but I am patient and moving ahead in recovery.  Anyways I just want to say a big thanks for the people that made this sight a reality for all their time and hard work.  Namaste my Friends...Snoa Flaik - Snoa26Flaik

7/3/10 - I found this site while in a sort of mental crisis bc my husband and I have been taking Lortabs for over 2 yrs and I was so sick of it but he refused to stop.  I was searching for something - can't remember what, but after posting my question my husband told me I was stupid for talking about this stuff on the internet. I haven't really gotten on again until now.  Now I'm having a whole different problem - Adderall - and I remembered how nice and helpful the people on this site were, so I came straight here asking for advice. I am thankful for this site bc I know  how it feels not to be able to talk to anyone about what ur going through. It's shameful and difficult to talk about. - Orchid5640

6/30/10 - I think that I found this site on the right side of the screen while I was on a medical webpage.  I think it is great. I have given and received alot of valuable information. Ive gotten alot of msgs from women wanting advice. I am glad to help anyone. To me, this website is far more therapeutic than going to meetings. - MaryBeth78

6/29/10 - I was searching for something (not this, even thou it is close to my heart) and just stumbled upon it. So some how with the internet, I found this site. Again, NOT looking but some key words brought me to it. (I also think the LORD did intervene as well)  =) - Sadparents

6/28/10 - I found this site by looking for some kind of support group out there for me to talk about how to deal with my son's addiction. So I just google the word addict. I am more than happy I found this. Without any hesitation, I feel I can say anything about the drug use on this site and the instant connection that I felt after receiving an answer. -  Newbie5825

6/27/10 - I can't remember exactly how I worded my 'google' question but I was looking for advice in being addicted to alcohol ... sometimes ask an expert came up.  But when I saw amongst my searches Ask An Addict, it seemed  more reasonable to ask the real experts for my needs.  So a heartfelt thank you for working on (or creating - not sure) this site.  Big Ron extended his expertise to me and after a 5 day detox program - I'm holding tight to 9 days sober.  Supportive people who know what it's like makes a big difference to me. - Janine


6/26/10 - How impressive that you've only been active a few months and have 500 members.  I actually found this site, after many long nights of research.  My sister had three children.  The two oldest were boys.  We buried the oldest , Easter of 2007.  We found him dead of a methadone overdose.  He and his younger brother always used drugs together.  The one that died never ask anyone for anything.  He paid for his own habit (not that it makes a difference).  The one living is 37, lives with his mom.  She gives him money for his drugs.  He is on dilaudid.  From what I understand it's not cheap.  I was looking for answers.  I was so desperate to try to understand.  He will die if he does not stop.  I guess I was trying to get into the mind of an addict.  This has been a tremendous amount of help.  Thank you so much for helping us with answers. - victoria

6-26-10 - You know how much I love this site!  I was just googling for a site that would allow me to chat with people that were going through the same thing that I was.  I was so happy to find Askanaddict.com.  I felt welcome right away.  The advice was great and I really felt that everyone genuinely cared about my issue.  Thanks again for this site, Matt and for everything you do. - Sadmom

6/26/10 - I was just searching google for "addicts" and I found this site. It is amazing and thank you for starting it! - KeepFaith

6/26/10 - I was reading an article about addictions on the CNN website....saw the address there and clicked on it.  I feel I have a lot of experience and knowledge to pass on to the younger ladies that are now in a position I found myself in way too many times.  Love the site...keep up the good work! - MsReba

6/25/10 - I found ask an addict from the website treatment center that my husband is getting treatment from.  Its called: The Treatment Center - We Restore Hope.  Your website has helped me so much to understand the addiction that my husband has and the support you all have given me. Thank you so much for all the support from everyone. - Newbie5583

6/20/10 - I'm new to this as of two weeks ago... I have recieved response within a day or less. All very informative and supportive! This site can be a real support system. I've gotten advice from addicts and those affected by addicts. I've also found the testimonials, inspiring and they provide hope. The confessions have helped me understand the struggles my brother has been and is going through...KeepFaith

6/17/10 - The chat session was a big help for me. This website has been a very good place for me to communicate my issues with. I am not judged and I recieve great adivce too :) Thanks so much for starting this site, It's wonderful. - PocketsOfPosies

6/17/10 - I love and enjoy this site:) it's nice to be able to chat with other people who are going through the same stuff as me...I have a hard time talking to some1 who hasn't been there ya know...it's easier to talk to someone you can relate to...I've noticed when i've talked to people who have never used drugs..they say well your the one that did it to yourself and they think we can juss stop whenever we want to...well it's not that easy...also i feel like there more judge mental then someone who has used...i feel like saying to them walk a day in my shoes then maybe you'll understand....ask an addict is one of the best drug sites that i know...when your in the chatroom they make you feel so comfortable!! they also give lots of good advice...and the main thing that i love about this site is..they truly care and want to help people..you don't see that very much...most people only care about themself so it's nice to see that theres still good caring people in this world:)    Thanx - *Autumn*

5/30/10 - Finally...a site that makes me feel better. I found this website only two weeks ago.  I have been feeling so down about my son's addiction that I was searching for an outlet.  I'm so glad I found AskAnAddict.  I finally felt that I could write down everything that I have been feeling for so long but was always afraid to talk about with other people.   The lonliness and sadness I have been feeling  is  affecting every aspect of my life.  It's nice to see so many people talking about their addictions or how they have been effected by an addict.  When I found out why AskAnAddict made this site, I was further impressed.  He is a very caring and giving person and should be extremely proud of himself for helping other people. 

I'm still not sure how I manage my everyday life or how everything will turn out with my son, but I know that I can come on this site and speak with people who really do understand what's going on in my life and can offer advice. Sadmom

5/30/10 - I am very gratefull for this site.  At this time i do not have my adult children in my life for obvious reasons and having a place to go to is huge for me.  This site allows me the ability to ask questions and get direct answers, and hope.  Yes, my faith and hope for better days is renewed by visiting and taking part in this site.  I don't feel so all alone, and just knowing there are other mothers, ect. out there with adult children in similar circumstances proves that life can once again be somewhat normal.  But thanks to this site,  I do feel that one day I will have my family back.  So I am very gratefull for Ask an Addict and visit this site daily!  Newbie5487

5/29/10 - It keeps me sober. Hi. My name's Big Ron. I found this site a month or so ago, and it had only been up a month or so when I did. I am a 44 year old recovering alcoholic and addict, and I average 7 to 10 meetings per week between AA and NA. For all my attendance at meetings, I noticed that when I had been back home a while, that I was lonely again and needed something more. I have a wonderful wife and a beautiful 9 year old daughter who is the light of my life. In spite of all my blessings, I still felt something was lacking. I found what was missing here.

     As an alcoholic and an addict, I'm told that the only way I can keep my sobriety is to give back what has been freely given to me.  So, every time I answer a question or chat with another recovering addict or someone affected by us, it helps me every bit as much as it does anyone else. In short, this site helps me stay clean and sober. For that, I cannot possibly express my gratitude.

     I don't think my testimonial would be complete without offering my most HEARTFELT THANKS to the man who started this site for all of us. Our moderator is a man who has been affected by  addicts most of his life, often with tragic results, and instead of turning inward or hating us he created this site to help us and the people who's lives we affect and often destroy. He is without a doubt, one of the most selfless individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Even though we have yet to meet in person, I am PROUD to call him my friend. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to give back some of what we have taken, and rebuild some of what we have destroyed. If you are new to this site, know that you have come home. You will never be judged or degraded, only helped. You will be a part of instead of apart from. Welcome.

   All my best to you,  Big Ron BigRonMusicMan

5/27/10 - What Ask an Addict means to me is as important as waking up, taking a deep breath, eating healthy, engaging in exercise, and spending time with loved ones. During my short time here, I have learned about addiction, I have made wonderful caring, and supportive friends. I have learned how to cry, how to laugh, and how to LIVE again...I start my day coming here and most always end my day coming here. It means life, a life without slowly killing myself with deadly addictions. I am grateful to Ask an Addict, and answer an addict...Missymae2

5/27/10 - AskAnAddict.com is very enlightening and gives those who are or are affected by addicts the opportunity share with others an aspect of their life that they may not otherwise be able to discuss in a friendly and very informative environment.  I myself have been able to reach out and give advice to those who otherwise may not have been able to find their own way.  The comfort of being able to talk to somebody that relates is something that is hard to find elsewhere. isolated_dreamz

5/27/10 - I think it's a great idea to add testimonials I have found this website to be very helpful and informative. I am recovering from an alcohol addiction and an eating disorder, learning how to handle depression and anxiety and find it very helpful to chat with others regarding my issues as well as others. I find a sense of comfort and calmness coming on this site or going on chat. It is nice to be able to communicate your feelings on here without being judged or degraded. I am very happy I found  this site and will continue to use it as it helps me stay strong and sober. Thank you very much for helping me learn how to get my life back on track and for the encouragement. singlemomma3



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