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Hi....I have been in 3 long term relationships with men who all have been addicted to alcohol.  My second husband died due to an overdose of prescription meds and alcohol in 2003.  I have been in Alanon for over ten years and have been through therapy to find out why I kept getting involved with alcoholics.  I work full time, have three grown daughters, (none of them had drug or alcohol issues) and am quite content living alone with my dog and three cats.  I am just a social drinker, drinking very rarely.

I have also lost 5 VIP's (very important people in my life) in four years.  My husband, a dear friend, my dad, my best girlfriend of 20+ years, and another dear friend; all deaths were unexpected and I never got a chance to say goodbye to any of them.  The end result is I now suffer from depression, with the worst symptoms being lack of engergy and motivation.

Being able to help others gives me a purpose and because of my circumstances, it may be what I am supposed to do.

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Member of Alanon for over 10 years

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