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Well, about me and my addiction that took me to hell and back has had a tremendous toll on y family, friends, employment, and esp my relationship with my higher power. 

I was injured on a jet ski in 2000. I was prescribed vicoden.  I found a Dr. that would give me Lortab 10 every 4-6 hours for pain and percocet for severe pain every 6 hours. So I thought I was set. Until my tolerance grew and grew.  I was up to 20 or more a day.  But that was ok I was a Pharmacy Tech. in a non-retail pharmacy, so if i ran out i had plenty to fall back on.  I started making friends with people who took too.  My husband worked and was in a band and we had a young son, so to cope with his "band gigs" every weekend I took pills and they gave me energy made me happy and me and my son made it just fine, UNTIL i ran out. I was trusted with the key to the pharmacy so if I did and got the courage I go get another bottle, cause I knew withdrawls were hell. Eventually I was let go and went through the worst weekend ever!!!!But  Monday I was back at my Dr and he gave me more.  In a few weeks I was confronted by my family to enter rehab , so I went the and it was the worst week of my life,  I got out early, but while in there I found out I was diabetic so that why I felt like shit alot too. But when I got home I looked in my hiding place and used that same day. Later i got pregnaNT reduced my usage considerably and even though my husband did not want another child I had him and wouldn't take nothing in the world for him.  I eventually found out that while I was home with our kids and he was at his gigs he fell in love with someone else and we left (my boys and I)  That  led to anything I could get my hands on.  I dated a guy who was into coke, crank ,crack, weed, pills, anything and loved it.  But we had t slow down it was going to kil us. So I reverted to pills again. Was put in another hospital rehab for a week. Did rather well after that until I moved and was in a neighborhood with dealers and users so here I go again.  I was spending every dime i had on it. The boys and I moved in with my parents. I had weened myself down pretty good. But was scared, so I started the Methadone clinic!! For 2 freakin years the hell hole was my life and was killing me. My parents and sister said  was acting really weird and suggested to try the naltroxone implant. And thanks to the COleman Institute I am free of opiates!!!!I just got my 2nd implant and attend AA every Monday and Friday and that's my medicine too to help me feel better!  It really works I promise.  I am at a good place now wit two beautiful boys and a job i love. I just have to work the steps and live one day at a time. That's my story. Hope it helps someone.


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sober since 6/10
Sober Since: 06/18/2010. Sober for 13 years 8 months 9 days

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