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I'm a wife and a mother, I work two jobs and lead a very busy life.

I've suffered all my life with depression and anxiety.  I had a very unpleasant childhood which was tainted with death and abuse.  I am working to move past all of that and hope to someday feel happy and worthwhile again.  I continue to suffer from depression.  I was diagnosed with ADHD, which is not suprising now that I think about it.  I was a good student but I struggled.  I did however manage to graduate high school and college with honors.  My son has ADHD and I see many of my behaviors in him.  

I attempted for several years to "self-medicate", first with prescription stimulants, then with cocaine (briefly), and finally with meth which was truly my drug of choice. Meth is probably the only thing that has ever made me feel worth anything and like I would be okay.  So it has been really hard to give that up.  I gave it up for my family and have been off it since June of 2009. 

I have had a few little one or two day slips with prescription stimulants.  I am doing my best that I can do.  I just want to be happy someday and feel worthwhile.  It's hard though. 

I am just looking to share with others and give and gain support and encouragement.  Most of my friends and family do not understand me.  I do not really run around on a regular basis with anyone who does drugs anymore and that has really helped me to stay clean.  It is a struggle when there is a lot of stress in our lives to do the right thing.  But I am doing my best.  I hope someday this burden will be lifted. 

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Please keep posting. It helps me to hear what you have to say.

Thinking about you.

Posted: 06/26/2011 8:32 AM
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I enjoyed reading your profile.  Meth is my drug of choice also.  The best thing you have done is change your playmates and playgrounds.  Why can't I do that???

Posted: 12/15/2010 10:30 AM

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