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My name is Vanessa, I`m a 29 year old single mom of a beautiful little boy named Luca, who will be 4 years old on September 13th. I live in Sherbrooke, Quebec, but my hometown is Montreal and I really miss it. I seem to be stuck in Sherbrooke for the time being. I`ve been an addict since the age of 11-12 years old. Mostly prescription pills over the recent years, but when I was younger, it was a mix of prescription and street pills like speed and xtc, as well as alcohol, coke and heroin . I`m Bi-polar as well. I`ve turned my life around for my little boy and he doesn`t know it yet, however, he`s the one who has saved my life. I stopped every single drug when I found out I was pregnent and even stayed sober for almost a full year after his birth. Than, slowly but surely, I started with the prescription pills again and drinking. I`ve stopped drinking completly for the past few months..my god I don`t even know the exact date...maybe about 5 months. I take 45mg of methadone daily and no longer abuse pain meds but I often drink all my methadone weekly supply in 2 days and mix it with my sleeping pills, anti-depressants and gravel. I`m somewhat of a loner and always have been. My family hasn`t spoken to me since about the age of 14-15. I do speak to my mom and dad..but my sister wants nothing to do with me and neither does the rest of the family..cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents..etc. this is not even really due to my addictions, but more so that I`ve always been the black sheep and was put in a foster home for a month at the age of 12 because my father used to physically abuse me and the whole family blamed me for getting my dad in ``trouble`` with social services..etc. I`ve always been alone and tend to isolate myself. My son is a happy and well adjusted child, I treat him very well, maybe a little to well, cuz he`s spoiled..but he`s a great kid. I just don`t like it when he sees me crying or when my moods change from hyper, to down to depressed and back again. I haven`t made any friends while here in Sherbrooke, however, I haven`t really tried to either..I`m scared of getting hurt again. I`ve been betrayed many tmes in life and I know this seems strange but I`ve always been pretty honest  an addict. I`ve been on my own since about 17 years old and have always supported myself.  I don`t know what to say really, even though there`s so much to say. That`s the 411 about me I guess.

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