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I'm 33 years old and am an alcoholic. Since putting the drink down, my other underlying issues have surfaced. I notice now that i'm dealing with what i believe is or may becoming an eating disorder. i go on these diets then dont follow through and eat anything i can get my hands on more often then i should. I check the scale daily and sometimes go days without eating  I dont know I dont get it. i want to join a gym but i have seemed to have lost motivation for it. i know the first year and sometimes years is hard, but is it normal to feel this disconnected, depressed, and just unmotivated??  My family isnt a good support system because they think alcoholism is an excuse for adults to act irresponsible.  So i'm pretty much goin this alone. Also my boyfriend is an alcoholic who is actively drinking.  I know this is alot for an about me section, but that's where i'm at as of now,,,hoping things will change. I have two children 17 and 14. i feel awful for what I've put them through and am trying to make up for it, but this fog i'm in can sometimes be debilitating. i'm hoping I can meet people who understand and can help me through this because right now it seems like strangers are all I've got for now. i do go to meeting not as many as I should, I havent gotten a sponsor yet, which is a big no no but i havent gotten the nerve to ask anyone, I know that sounds crazy or maybe not. i am just terrified of walking up to someone.  Yeah I'm a mess right now, but I'm determined to get through it, whatever it takes!!

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Sober Since: 05/05/2010. Sober for 13 years 9 months 22 days

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