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I was married to an active alcoholic for 28 years, he passed away Oct 2013 from liver/pancreatic cancer. I lived with an alcoholic father until he died from cirrhosis. My daughter is a recovering heroin addict, 4 years ago I was planning her funeral and now she is coming up on 4 years sober and presently in law school as well as running a foundation to help addicts at her almamater. She is the field organizer for RI and MA for Unite to Face Addiction. There will be a rally in DC Oct 4, 2015. I have lived my last 7 years through trial and error with her addiction. Detoxes, rehab, outpatients, infections, suboxone programs,sober houses,and now she is in recovery. Working the 12 steps. I am currently working on becoming a drug and alcohol counselor There is always hope, what we had to do to get where we are was far from easy, I am happy to share all the things I did wrong and right helping with her recovery..

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I read what mellisa had written in your post. I am so happy for hers and yours new found peace. (hugs)

Posted: 03/15/2012 9:14 AM
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I am so happy that you are here! What a wonderful person you are! I am so grateful you are my friend and a big thank you for being here...You continue to come here as you struggle with family addiction..

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Posted: 06/29/2011 4:42 AM
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Marty, I know that peaceful drama free feeling, it's what life should be for the most part.  Your daughter is using you and your home as she pleases.  Do You need to put a stop to this? , what are your rules? I always insisted on a phone call if my kids aren't coming home so 1. we could go to sleep 2. the doors could be locked 3. consideration

I know for myself, had my middle son been an only child I might not have been so heavy handed on the rules, but llike you, I have a younger one watching.  so i guess you need to ask yourself ;what do you want the younger one to learn about house rules? I would never be presumptious enough to compare our issues, from what I read in l'il marty's confession, she has alot of accomplishments and IS WORKING.  My son on the other hand broke the record for skipping and hasn't had a first job yet., so to just use us for crashing when nowhere else was possible was more about "go to school or go to work" for us than anything else. So I guess what I'm saying is you need to soul search on if this is acceptable to you, (the drop and flop) and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, only what YOU think. God bless.

Posted: 05/18/2011 5:12 AM

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