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Hi Iam 24 year old female with 2 children under 6 and living with the father of my two kids who is a meth and alcohol addict. When I was 6 months pregnant with my second child I found out he was using meth, alcohol was always there but not as much as it is now.  His father is an alcoholic too, and his mom has never been there for him. although he has keept the same job for 10 years .He has no friends anymore. He only has me, our kids and my parents and sister. They have been there for him too, but it has come to the point in were he also starter to be mean to them. It breaks my hard when he doest want to ask for proffecional help. He wants to quit but  cant do it alone.

 In the other hand I dont even like a sip of beer I had never use drugs or smoke. Sometimes I just wonder WHY IAM HERE WITH HIM I love him but I love my children the most.

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