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My name is Amanda. My drug of choice was perc 30's - I got clean in November 2010. Recently, within the last month and a half - I have relapsed. I went back to my addiction. Then, one day while out with friends that I use with, I was sick - I couldn't find any percs. The friend that I was with said that they could get heroin, so I got some. Once that high hit me, I didn't even want percs anymore, I wanted dope. Everyday I started to shoot up heroin instead of snorting percs. Thankfully, I got my wake up call. I got arrested and my boyfriend had to bail me out. He had no idea that I had relapsed and that I moved on to even harder drugs. He found out the hard way. I was arrested for a Posession of Class A Substance. My boyfriend stepped up and told my family. I admit, the next day after I was arrested and after everything  was out in the open, my intentions were to go out and get high "just one more time," So that's what I did. Today  has marked a week since the last time I have used. I am attending an outpatient program and therapy as well. As well as the loving support of my boyfriend and my family. If anyone needs to talk, I'm here. :)

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Sober Since: 03/26/2011. Sober for 12 years 11 months 1 days

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Glad you are here Amanda. Life without the use of drugs is awesome !

Posted: 12/07/2010 2:08 PM

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