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I'm an Addict. Not just to this or that but anything or everything. I grew up fast with a single father who was an addict and abusive. I NEVER wanted to be that. I'm proud to have broke the abuse cycle I could never image hitting my child that way. my deppression and Anxiety started around 14 that same time as the drugs cutting smoking and sex  of course hindsight is 20/20 one made the other worse don't know which was caused by which but I it doesn't  matter I t happened I did manage to pull myself through all the confussion to find peace at 21 years old thru my childs eye I did this for 3 years then i had a surgery to help with an injury from when I was a crazy teenager and the surgery was a failure and had complications I then became addicted to pain meds. Oct of 2010 i was diagnoised as bipolar and anxiety/panic dissorder since getting help for these to things I have never been more clear in my heads as to how evil these pain meds can be I'm greatful to have a team of Drs who are taking the time to heal me not just bandage me and now thankful to this group for the support an strength it has given me to know I can beat this!

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