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I am a 41 year old mother of a young boy, married for 17 years to a wonderful man. We have both struggled with addictions to crack cocaine and oppiates. I managed to quit the crack about two months before I got pregnant and besides a few relapses, have managed to stay clean of it. I am a "swicher", which is to say, I switch one addiction to another. My first addiction was to food, resulting in a weight of 350 pounds. I had gastric stapling at age 23 and that was the beginning of my addiction to painkillers. I had really struggled with oppiates for about 15 years, finally getting a grip on it about 2 and a half years ago. Unfortunately, due to having 14 surgeries, I am stuck with a seriuos cronic pain issue, which I have to medicate. I am not on fentenyl patches and they really help and it is nice not to have to take pills anymore. Just stick on the patch and go about my life. I don't have to answer that little voice in my head that kept telling me to take another pill. I turned to alcohol after my son was born, 7 years ago. I used it as a way to medicate the pain, when the pills were gone and befopre I knew it, I needed the vodka just to function. I got sober just over a year ago, January 12,2010, after having my second heart attack at age 40. I was trying to quit the booze without any medical help and my heart couldn't take it. I have lost houses, cars, more money than I can count, relationships, my freedom and nearly my life. It took all that before I got it. I had to quit this crazy lifestyle or I was going to die. My husband endeared so much abuse from me durring my drinking that he should be made a saint! He must really love me to put up with what I put him through. Even today, a year later, he still has a hard time accepting that I can look after my son without him being by my side. Life is now good and I don't know what I was searching for all these years I was abusing alcohol and drugs. All I know for sure is that God must have a purpose for me in this life of mine. I came to this site, for support and maybe to help someone else that might be going through what I have.

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