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I married an addict and didn't even know.  I believed him -- believed his stories where he was always the victim of everything that had happened in his life so I was going to swoop in and save the day!  I believed that he stopped smoking crack just like that!  I believed that he had been mistreated all his life.  I am no novice where drugs are concerned but addiction is another story.  I lived in chaos for 4 years and didn't even realize that I had become codependent until recently.  I am now in Alanon and he no longer lives with me.  Recovery is slow but progressing. 

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Chrissy -

You are a beautiful person inside and out! Never forget that - you deserve the best life has to offer!

<3 Nichole

Posted: 07/25/2011 7:09 AM
800 Thanks

I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the Ask an Addict family. Thanks for becoming a member!

Posted: 05/21/2011 5:49 PM

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