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I am a mother of a 19 yr. old daughter who recently chose to move out than be with me and get help. She has legal issues which involve tickets and pot.  She is in denial and cannot return to college until her life is stable. she has a younger sibling that I must care for and do not want her corrupted by my daughter's irresponsiblity, rampages and thoughts.  She is the complete opposite of who she was 14 months ago and it is devastating to me. I don't want to lose her but she needs help.  She is bright, comes from an educated family and knows my values.  It is not helping. We are all in cnsl. When she lived here she was not the daughter I knew.  Her friends, at this point, have taken her in. God knows what they are telling her.  I am new to this site and am hoping to gain insight from others.

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Thank you for writing to me.  This is a little crazy, but, I am glad someone else has a daughter who 'danced'.  I felt completely alone on this one. I have come to believe that Cate likes it, or likes the money.  So I am going to give up commenting etc on that.  It is unbelievable to me that my daughter is a stripper.  Kind of like 2+2=583 Just does not make sense to me.

I guess it is what the girls do...sell their bodies.  The boys commit other crimes.

I am calling this chapter of the book of my life:

In which I woke up on Thursday and Cate was a stripper.

There has to be humor somewhere in all of this mess.

I think of you and your daughter often.

Will we meet sometime?


Posted: 06/28/2012 9:14 PM
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Linnie, because of your continued support of Ask an Addict with all the great advice, knowledge and caring that you give to other members, you have been given the title "Life Coach" on your profile. A Life Coach is for members who are affected by an addict in their life and they are able to share their experiences with other members from a family member of an addict point of view. Thanks for all you do and thanks for the support you give others!

Posted: 09/03/2011 7:14 AM

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