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36 yr old female in a relationship with an addict. while i've conquered all my "rescue fantasies" in other situations and don't want to "fix" him, or anyone for that matter, i do feel as someone with my msw, who is in this relationship and has seen too many friends/acquaintances go down this road- that i'd really like more knowledge about where people can go for specific help. i could use the help to make sure i keep myself in check and don't fall privy to any manipulation to divert attention from his drug use and i could also definitely use some help in terms of resources so that i can say to him 'here, you really want help- this is where you can go- the rest is up to you".  i'm well aware you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink (ok maybe "drink" wasn't the write saying to use"

i drink roughly once a month- generally 3 drinks, i smoke weed about 5 times a yr and i usually have 2 cigarettes every morning with my 1 cup of coffee. however, i have ceased all but the smoking with coffee over the past 2 weeks- i thought it would maybe make it easier for him and i could give a crap about drinking or weed so why bother?

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