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Not as strong as I thought, just wrong

Hey all, it is Jack from Canada clean from opiates for over 5 years until last Tuesday. Always swore I would never take a painkiller again, even if I broke my leg. Well I was wrong but a car ran me down and it took a broken hip socket along with the leg and internal injuries to relent to the morphine on offer. I did refuse for 2 hours explaining that I am a junkie but the pain was overwhealming. I got 2 injections in 12 hours but refused a script for more when leaving the hospital after 2 days Got high even through the pain and even felt the deep bone itch withdrawl after all these years. God, I am still an full blown addict but free from the daily grind. Keep well all, you know the ones I mean...Love to my addicts, and Love to the ones who love their addicts. Jack

Posted: 06/19/2016 10:22 PM

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