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my husband is an ex heroin and meth  user who has been clean for 16 years.  Today I found an empty visine bottle with 5 small pieces of brown tinted cotton in it.  This is the second I’ve found the cotton pieces in two months.  I know he used the cotton to shoot up heroin 15 years ago and he claims he found them recently while we were renovating our home.  Is it possible that these are really that old?   Thanks in advance for your time and advice. 

Posted: 10/16/2018 7:47 PM

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I'm sure it's possible they are that old cause I be found things of my own that are years old not 15 but 5 to 7, just be careful and vigilant because once an addict always an addict, so if he starts changing keep a close eye out

Posted: 02/16/2019 10:15 AM

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No! There is a reason you have found this twice now in two months. He is back at it. Confront him. Don't ask him if it is true. Tell him you are onto him!

Posted: 08/01/2019 12:28 PM

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