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My adult child is an opiate addict since 2012, To treat his addiction he regularly gets a vivitrol injection. His recovery has strictly been taking the shot, no theraphy or other outside help. For the most part he has stayed clean, ie he has been clean significanly longer than high. However he has had a few relapses (one or twice a year). This usually happens when he has missed his scheduled vivitrol appointment due to work. He has been able to collect himself and abstain from using so he can get the shot. 

This last Monday he missed his scheduled appointment and his doctor is unable to see him for a week and a half because he will be out of town. He did set up an appointment with a collegue for tomorrow evening. Unfortunately my son caved in and took Oxycodene (40 mg) Wednesday and Friday. His shot is scheduled for tomorrow evening and it is not the recommended 7 to 10 days clean normally required, He has been struggling keeping clean because he has a heavy work week ahead and wants to be sober. My question is  - since he hasn't been using for over 6 months, and taking only two pills what reaction will he have? I believe that once before he he was in the same boat and had just minor affects. 

Posted: 01/20/2020 8:25 AM

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In Response to: Vivitrol/Naloxone

it is possible, according to the health industry, that he might experience some sort of withdrawal or mild uncomfort related to withdrawal if  he gets this shot sooner than recommended. However, I feel that the estimates that these professionals give for the exact timeline for how long you have to wait before dosing following usage are.... idk..... too paranoid. I feel they play it far too safe. I think people could easily get away with dosing sooner than recommended, but no one fixes this discrepancy. I cannot help but think that they are not simply concerned about avoiding withdrawal. Sometimes, I think that these suggestions --or even strict guidelines for when the addict will be allowed medication following usage, in some situations-- are actually put in place because people want to see the addict suffer a little bit before they are able to get well. I think that punishment is sometimes the priority... over focusing on keeping the addict stable and secure with sobriety --- something that definitely comes with the addict being able to control the medication or some aspect of it. When others control the addicts meds for him or her, the addict is prone to feel helpless and less like the sobriety is his or her own decision. Frustration leads to relapse. I guess what i mean is that i have seen plenty of rehabs, doctors, nurses, parents, etc. attempt to force the addict to wait an extreme amount of time before allowing them to medicate the sickness. And the reasoning was that they needed to feel some negative aspects of the drug as a punushment for getting themselves high. So often, the time recommended to wait... is far far too long. Ive heard places say they wanted to make certain the person was dope sick so they needed to wait a long long time so the symptoms of withdrawal were highly apparent. That way the person would not lie. WHO THE HELL CLAIMS TO BE DOPE SICK WHEN THEY ARE NOT JUST TO GET SOME SUBOXONE?? no one.


anyway, the recommended wait time is far over estimated. My opinion--your son will be absolutely fine.... Uncomfortable or withdrawing at the very very worst. 

Posted: 07/13/2020 4:24 AM

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