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Dear Heroin
Dear Heroin, I have not talked to you and I thought it was long overdue. I think of you often. I wake in the morning and my first thought is you. I am amazed how you snuck into my home and life so silently. I did not see you come in. What is even more overwhelming is you lived in my home for years and I did not see you one time. As I drink my coffee I think further about you. I sit and wonder what crack in the foundation of my life did you seep into. You were silent. It was not until you robbed me of my first born daughter that I was formally introduced to you. I am not glad we met. I wanted to let you know how I really feel about you. it was with great seduction I am sure that you enticed her and lured her. It was with great precision that you managed to remove her and replace her soul with your seething misery. But that was not enough. You effected my marriage. It was not enough still. You needed to take more. You had to inflict yourself into my heart, you tried to take that along with my precious daughter. All if a sudden you had a ripple effect. You cascaded and reached into many others lives. Oh how diabolical you are. Appearing so helpful. But you devour. But most of all I would like to introduce myself. I am a mother. A mother who you are attempting to consume through my childs weakness. I use the word attempting for a reason. Let me further explain. Something I have been told about you is you are strong. What you do not know about me is I am also. See I can not take you away nor remove you and the illusion that you create. But I have my faith. I believe love conquers all. I love my daughter. I believe when I pray, God hears. Even more powerful than that is when I pray to my God he not only hears but he cares about my needs. He also told me that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I know his word does not return void. I have also been made aware that there are many types of battles. You are now one. But I will promise you this, you may have won the battle but you will not win the war. My daughter is my pride and joy. You tried to cause havoc on my marriage, well I must inform you that you failed there ,as my marriage is stronger than ever. You did not take my heart when you removed my daughter from me, you are making it stronger. And I hope that you enjoyed your visit in my daughter because My God delivers People from such disease. I believe he will be removing you shortly. It will be with great pleasure that I see you evicted from what you think is a permanent dwelling for you. I am regretful that we met. I make no apologies for my behavior or feelings towards you. I would also like to add that I hate you. Many nights I have went to bed thinking of you. Longing to understand you. I now know who you are and I know where you came from. Please be informed that your presence is no longer welcomed into my families life and angels will be ministering to my daughter. I think you will find that quite uncomfortable. Please make sure to take note that you have been informed by a loving mother who will never give up hope. Never give up faith. Never stop praying in Jesus' name. I will never stop unleashing my love and the love of God on my daughter. I am not weak. I am relentless. I am steadfast. I am a warrior. I will never give up. I will never fear you again. I will battle with you and fight. I will do what ever I have in my reach to prevail over you for my daughters sake. I am glad I introduced myself to you. I am MOM!

Posted: 07/16/2013 10:23 PM

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thought some might like this
I am the Mother of an Addict
This is not like being the mother of a child with cancer, diabetes, or aids
This is not like being the mother of a child who is serving with honor in a foreign land
This is not like being the mother of a child who lives no more and is mourned by all

I am the Mother of an Addict
There are no marathons or fund raisers for this disease, no sweet girls selling cookies
There are no flags flying, or bumper stickers to proudly acknowledge my child's deeds
There are only tears and silent screams, dread of what the next knock or phone call brings

I am the Mother of an Addict
I see my child and I am not glad, for though I ache to save my child, with relief I let them go
I see my child with fear and suspicion, as I hear all they say and I can but endlessly hope
I see my child and wonder will I ever know them again, hold them again, see them again

I am the Mother of an Addict
The say it is not my fault, that I did nothing wrong, there's little I can do
The say it is not my child's fault, just a disease of disgrace, with no pity, no cure
They say be strong, but my life stands still and my friends and relatives move on

I am the Mother of an Addict
I watch the rest of my family suffer with sorrow and pain through the addiction
I watch the evening news and cringe as another mothers addict child is arrested and called scum
I watch a young man beg for change, for food and know he could be my own

I am the Mother of an Addict
I remember the smiles and look at pictures of my sweet little child
I remember the hugs, and kisses, the scrapped knees, the soccer games
I remember their plans, their goals, their hopes and dreams

I am the Mother of an Addict
I look for child to come home, to call, and so I do not sleep
I look for my child to find the strength to battle this terrible disease
I look for solace, for help, for a cure and I grasp at what straws of promise I can

I am the Mother of an Addict
And I hope, in endless hope for future free from drugs
And I hope in restless sleep of a way out of this nightmare
And I hope, and I pray, and I cry, and I plead, but always, I love my child

Posted: 07/10/2013 5:20 PM

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weiner mobile
Just ran across a sticker from 2 summrs ago. It was when me Ad and lil one went to see the Oscar meyer Hot Dog truck. We were so excited when we got the stickers and whistles. We could not believe it came to a lil town like ours in nowhere USA. Happier times. We took pics an you would have thought that we wo money that is how happy we were. One of those once in a lifetime things that when your old you can say "I saw the hotdog truck when I was young" My AD was soooo over the top happy. Also went to church and received a lot Imean ALOT of prayer for her and I. Feel a lot better since. Miss the old her terribly and feel like a suck a$$ mom for not seeing her using and abuse sooner. I just trusted her so much as she was always so responsible and level headed. Saw her best friend from 8th grade at work last night and she told me my AD busted in her house about a year ago. Many other stories about AD. They have not talked in a few years and I was so very happy to see her. She has a lil one now that I just adore. I asked her to please come see me as she would not come near here with my AD still living here. I would love to just catch up on her life as she was like another daughter to me. I told her I did not want to ask questions about AD but just to spend time with her and lil one. My birthday is coming soon and I am dreading it horribly this year. My AD had a late term abortion ( which since it was so late was not something I agreed with) The babys due date would be my birthday. It was a little more sorrowful because it is her second one and the first I understood and was supportive of. I can say the baby may not have been OK but I worked in a hospital and many with addicted mothers were fine, believe it or not. Just sorrowful of what things may have been like. I still am hopeful of the future and I know many good things lie ahead but things still loom at times. Overall a good day though! Also found out her boyfriend had H problem before they were dating and he quit for awhile, right before they met. Funny how you find all this out after the fact and the damage is done!Just needed to get it out I guess

Posted: 06/30/2013 7:19 PM

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Meth Brain Damage Reduced

San Diego Union-Tribune

Meth Brain damage redudced by trial drug from Medicinova

Trials show S.D.-based company’s experimental Ibudilast has promise

Posted: 06/22/2013 12:29 AM

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A mothers cry( poem for my AD)
darkness creeps in how I hate the night waiting and praying that you are alright not a whisper, not a word where are you my baby? I have not heard. the blackness surrounds me it has you too when you went to it, you brought me with you I know the torment the pain in your mind I share the agony, tearing inside my heart calls out for you to come home oh my beautiful baby your not so alone I love you so much and want you well oh my darling I will walk through this hell I wish I could take away all of your pain all of your guilt all of your shame I wish I could battle these demons for you I wish I could show you all I would do My precious baby ,my angel come home well I wrote this last night, as I do not sleep for a number of reasons. Fear of her OD ing, fear of a rage induced attack on my home if she should come here etc. I miss my undrugged child like we all do. I thought I would share this as we can all relate in some way.

Posted: 06/19/2013 9:42 PM

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Momma Duck

I would like to share a story with you about my son when he was seven years old..

My son Craig and I were fishing when I saw say a momma duck and her ducklings ...I said to Craig, "Look Craig, See the beautiful momma duck and her babies? " He then looked at me in a confused state, and said "that's not a momma duck!" I then said, "Craig, that is a momma duck and those are her babies following."

He then looked at me very sure of himself, and said"

Posted: 04/30/2013 1:05 PM

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NA World Conventions

Just to let you all know here in San Diego, we've been privileged to hos the NA world convention here twice. I volunteered with Nar-Anon both times. And it is Very Inpsiring to see such a diverse group of people working so joyfully & gratefully on their recovery


Hi All,

Greetings from NA World Services! As many of you have been experiencing in your home groups and in your local "meeting before and after the meeting," the excitement about WCNA 35 in Philadelphia is contagious and growing! We can’t wait to come together and celebrate NA's Diamond Jubilee later this year-the last world convention that will take place in the United States until 2018. This is a great opportunity for those who have never attended a world convention to experience a truly unique NA Fellowship event.

You are probably aware that WCNA 35 is a registration-required event. Registering for the convention as early as you can helps us to plan accordingly and make arrangements to be sure we make the most prudent use of NA funds possible. In addition to the lower registration fee, pre-registering also affords you access to exclusive pre-reg merchandise, priority seating at ticketed events, and early entry into the merchandise room. Don’t miss out on this! If you haven’t already registered, please go to as soon as you can to get your registration in. While you’re there, be sure to check out some of the fantastic entertainment we’ve booked, too. The cut off for our ordering of pre-registration merchandise is this month so you should purchase soon!

We know that some members have had trouble finding hotel rooms. We have added a new block of additional hotel rooms, visit . If you’re not able to book the room you want, please send an email to Our original block of rooms went quickly so we encourage you to make your reservations soon.

Thanks in advance for getting your pre-registration in soon. Come join us in celebrating and making history as we mark 60 years of carrying our NA message.

One final note—the Traditions Book Project discussion board is now open! Visit the project webpage for more information ".

Posted: 04/26/2013 7:10 PM

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best advice i've ever heard...

the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. this has helped my numerous times. just saying...

Posted: 04/03/2013 2:27 AM

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Self Discipline


"Self-disciplined begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don't control what you think, you can't control what you do. Simply, self-discipline enables you to think first and act afterward."

Posted: 03/23/2013 4:18 PM

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Long but so true Repost from another site
Its long, but I wrote it from the heart...

I am the mother of a heroin addict. Society dictates that I should be embarrassed or ashamed of that fact. But heroin is a formidable rival, and forces me to be nonconformist to society's rules. I care not what judgments are formed of me, as heroin does not give me that option. I live my life on a roulette wheel transitioning through the 5 stages of grief. They come and go in no particular order.

The terms 'junkie' and 'burn out' at one time meant nothing to me. Today those same terms sting, as I am acutely aware that my child, the baby I snuggled with, the curious little boy, the teen who was always playing a prank, had now become by society's terms, a 'junkie'. I am the mother of a heroin addict, but I am also the mother of a young man, who is still, a human being.

I sleep lightly, if at all. I am ever aware of the tell tale signs--the harsh mood swings, the excessive sleepiness, skin breakouts, the new friends, whose names I've not heard before. From the pit of my belly comes the reminder-I am the mother of a heroin addict. I hopelessly watch as he loses jobs, old friends and as family member gradually begin to keep their distance.

I justify his behavior with 'what ifs' and 'maybes' the classic terms of denial, only to find syringes and other paraphernalia that seem to sneer at me and tell me again, I am the mother of a heroin addict. I feel my anger turning inward as I wonder what I did to create this. I angrily place blame on his new friends or his life situations that surely must have caused this. I am lied to, stole from and cursed out all in the name of heroin. I refuse to give him money, and take away his phone with all those evil contacts in it, only to see the track marks, and once again realize I am the mother of a heroin addict, and a manipulating, resourceful one at that. Soon its evident that I am alone in his court, as all but I and heroin have abandoned him. Yet I refuse to admit its from heroin. Its so much easier to pretend it isn't there. I am the mother of a heroin addict and I am in denial.

Slowly I begin to realize this thief, that is heroin, has stolen his very soul and enslaved me as well. I accept that he is addicted. Then I wonder, Will today be the day he overdoses? Will he now steal from me? Will he introduce this thief to another unsuspecting young person? Will today be the day he goes to jail? The swelling anxiety forces me to remember once again, I am the mother of a heroin addict.

I begin to attempt to bargain with him. I tell him 'just get a job and pass a drug test' and life will go back to normal for us. His blatant refusal to do either remind me again that I am the mother of a heroin addict, who has now attempted to bargain with my shell of a child, of course, to no avail.

The tears I cry are hallow, as if heroin is laughing at me, taunting me, reminding me again that it not only stole my child's soul, it is slowly taking mine as well. I cry and ask over and over 'why'? Why would God do this to us? I am the mother of a heroin addict, and I am depressed.

And then one day it happened. The Epiphany. The day I accepted that I am the mother of a heroin addict, but I have done my grieving. It has stolen my son and turned him into a hallow shell of who he once was. But it cannot take me. It cannot take my memories. Those wonderful memories that were made before heroin took over his soul and made me the mother of a heroin addict. Through all of the grief and pain it caused, heroin did not realize that at the same time it was destroying my child, it was creating a warrior out of me. I shed no tears for heroin, and I will not give up hope that one day my son finds the proper treatment and is able to recover. I love him dearly, though I am forced now to show it by refusing to enable him anymore. I am the mother of a heroin addict. I cannot change that, but my child can, by simply saying "I am a heroin addict and I need help". Eight words to change a life. So I continue to hope, that one day, he will say them
The Moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup, I say a little prayer for you..... Aretha Franklin

“What Oxygen is to the lungs, such is hope to the meaning of life.” - Emil Brunner

Posted: 03/08/2013 5:01 AM

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