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my thoughts out loud...

 my thoughts out loud... 3/17/14

It has been over 3 years since I wrote the first version of "my thoughts out loud", and all I can say is, "WOW", how different everything is, and, for the better.  After re-reading the previous articles I wrote, the first one so heart gripping, it brought back all the emotional feelings I had of despair and doom for my son.  He is the son I remember as a little boy, and now the man that I am so proud of, he has become a man of confidence, respect, leadership, compassion, and giving back to others of his experienced wisdom. 
Even after a year of him being sober and clean, I still would get nervous and anxious of not hearing from him every day or even if I did hear from him and if he was going through anxiety, I would wonder how he would handle it, so afraid it would put him back in the tailspin of addiction.  But, with tribulations that life threw at him in the last 3 years, he kept his emotions in tact, worked his recovery as he did within the first year of sobriety, re-charge so to speak with his groups of support in the community he lives in and with his family and friends.  I can now go a couple of days without talking to him and not panic and stress as I always did.  I even call on him with questions of certain drugs and their effects when someone would question me with concerns knowing Hunter, my son, had been living clean and sober as a recovering addict.  If, I had to surmise of what has helped him, guided him through his recovery, I would say it is the fact, that he is giving back, striving for his goal to become an active leader and as an occupation in aiding others with the struggles of recovering addiction.  His work ethic has always been pretty good, but, now sober, it is so rewarding and amazing for him, and for others, that benefit from him and for me as his mother, surely, a grateful and proud mother I am.  Hunter has become a recognized leader in his community as well as the organization of Oxford for which he still resides at an Oxford house, but, known throughout the organization including the founder of Oxford.
So, if anyone who reads this, is a mother, family member, or friends of an addict struggling through the journey of agonizing addiction, I hope this may bring you hope and reassurance that it can travel towards a new and positive direction.  Even, if "your addict" relapses, don't give up, they can still recover and work back to living sober.
To my son, you have made me proud beyond the words I can write, my love for you will shine through your journey and for life, just know with your hard work, the opportunities can be endless.  To all other readers, there is hope, and living proof of serene sobriety.  And, I leave you with, "my thoughts out loud" ...

Posted: 03/20/2014 12:59 PM

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