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the things I hate and love
The things I hate are these. I hate q tips or little fuzz balls on my carpet, I hate those clear opaque colored bic pens I have thrown out many because at a glimpse they look like a syringe, I threw out my AD desk chair as I would here it creek when her or boyfriend would nod in it. I hated her glass top desk as that is where things were cut. I hate seeing a small jar with water in it. I hate those water jugs that hold about a quart of water the sound of the chugging from it. I cringe when I see a dark spot on a wall for all given reasons. I love that I now know that these feelings and thoughts will fade as a lot of other things have. I love that I am slowly healing. I love that my house is calm. I love that I do not have odd people coming into my driveway all hours of the night or into my home. I love that I no longer have drugs in my home, at least to the best of knowledge. I love that I have had time to paint my house inside. I love that I sleep soundly at night and take naps when I can. I like that I have time to do things that I have needed to do. Time to do things I like to do. I like that I am not walking on egg shells. I like that I am getting closer to my lil girl. I like that I laugh from time to time again. Sometimes I laugh really hard. I love that me and lil girl laugh and we are goofy. I love the fact that my money is not being swindled out of me for drugs. I love that I am comfortable enough to sleep with my windows open again. I love that I am no longer afraid of any of my AD people (sometimes I will get a random phone call for AD) and have no problem telling them that if they come here or call they will be sorry they ever did. I am happy that I have made friends with teachers, police officers, and I really like my AD probation officer and I made friends with a bonds lady. I am gaining respect in the community and speak out against drugs and violence. I am planning on getting more involved with the schools and community to teach drug awareness. I love that I am getting my own identity back! I HATE what I allowed to be taken from me and love that I see I am strong enough to find me again!

Posted: 05/24/2014 6:19 PM

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