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Let your mind run wild. This is for all of you to be able to write and let others see your thoughts, your concerns, your insecurities, your hopes etc. Write a poem, a letter to your addiction or to the loved ones you've hurt. Write that letter to the addict in your life. It's up to you! Soon you will also have the ability to upload your artwork and songs that you've created.

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another day
Another day, without my loved one here. Another day of sadness, but can no longer shed a tear. Another night of wrestles sleep, the dreams are so disturbing. Another night of wrestling, of tossing, and turning. Another day slips swiftly by, it has drifted into a year. Another day this addiction, has somehow commend eared. Another day,I feel, a part of me has died. Yet somehow in this zombie state, I try to stay alive. Another day, I awake, for the sun has risen. For most, it is filled with promise. To me it is a prison. Another day, I try, and keep my head and hopes held high. Another day, I pray and ask, "Lord is my loved one still alive?" Another day, has come, and night will surely wait. The moon has come, along with it, the dreadful thoughts I hate. My dearest loved, my darling one, making the most painful of mistakes.

Posted: 06/11/2014 8:47 AM

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