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Let your mind run wild. This is for all of you to be able to write and let others see your thoughts, your concerns, your insecurities, your hopes etc. Write a poem, a letter to your addiction or to the loved ones you've hurt. Write that letter to the addict in your life. It's up to you! Soon you will also have the ability to upload your artwork and songs that you've created.

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Good bye letter not a suicide letter but to my drug of choice
Dear miss slow AKA heroin This is day one I can finally put my thoughts of you on paper. My Jail sentence is we're we began. Like a kid drawn to a new shinning toy but you took the form of a needle. You pierced through life's tough times like you pierced my veins. Helped me not to feel the emotional pain of being an absent father, helped me forget about my daughter. Where I was the taste of freedom or even strive to get it for starters. Miss slow you helped me through the holiday receiving pictures of my family free without me. Anytime I did not want to feel I just think of you and you became real. You were always there in my corner like a coach in my ear. Miss slow you got rid of my fears of failure and success at the same time multitasking with the same mind. Still you were more then a blanket you were a comforter. Who would cover me when I was cold so cold as I took my last breath from an OD so numb even though death. Miss slow we're you really there for me? That's a rhetorical question I know the answer to that "hell no"! Miss slow you were actually there to say good bye to me but before you rid of me I will get rid of you. I'm taking back my life, the memory's that you stole, the feeling I forgot to feel down deep inside my sole. With my feelings not trapped they begin emerge and has helped me become a good man,brother,father,husband. So forget you Miss slow I won't let you take up my time your not my wife I'm saying bye your out of my life. It's not the end, I'm telling you good riddance for today even though the cravings might stay. I will fight you day to day even if I have to put a kick me sign on your back Miss slow. Better then to say it's forever I will say bye to you even in stormy wethers that rain down on my life and every single day. It isn't over until I grow old and god sees it fit to rest my sole. Guess what? I won't die with you today Now living in peace with out you Miss slow I'm here to stay. G.L.L

Posted: 08/01/2015 11:51 AM

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