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Hello, I'm thirty years old and have two kids. I don't consider myself an addict, but I have had some struggles. I dabbled cutting as a teen, then began binge drinking in my early twenties. I have been off and on anit-depressents for fifteen years. I have had some "close calls" as a result of some of my choices.

Right now I have a family member living with me who is a heroin addict. I am trying to find support and answers while I attempt to help him on his journey to recovery. He appears willing. I just get so down because of all the statistics of heroin abusers. I love my brother and he has so much potential... It is heartbreaking to see what he has done to himself and inspiring to see him call out for help. I'm afraid to be too optimistic, he is just entering an outpatient treatment program. All the inpatient beds were taken and have a waiting list.

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