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I'm the daughter of, ex-wife of & mother of addict-alcoholics. Dad: A jazz musician (they're not known for sobriety). Ex: A drinker, later addicted to Soma. I went to Alanon for 9 years. I went through a lot with my Daughter's Addiction to the "devil's drug", Crystal Meth. Meth brought on voices, hence a mental health diagnosis too. She was in a locked psych hospital for 10 months. Along the way, we threatened dealers, tracked her to other cities & states, & visited her every weekend in the hospital.. She was placed under Conservatorship (meaning unable to provide for her own food, shelter & clothing.) But None of this could have prepared me for her Death 2 wks. shy of her 27th birthday. She was slowly clawing her way back to sanity after 10 months in a psych hospital. Had been going w/ a guy for about a month, when she died. Heroin wasn't her Drug of choice, but that is how she died. I've posted her memorial @ GRASP (Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing) www.  Sept. '14,  Patrizia Monari. Even though she's gone, I hope I can still help others who are struggling.

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Just wanted you to know that you now have the title life coach on your profile. This was given to you because of your continued support on Ask an Addict. Thanks for all you do!

Posted: 02/12/2012 11:24 AM

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